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Avoid Condensation problems during winter

Posted by admin on 26/11/2022

More chance of mold and moisture problems in the house this winter
BY EDITOR LIVIOS | Liesbeth Pairoux
Experts fear a real fungal wave this winter. We explain why this is and what you can do about it.

How to save on your energy bill? It is – as far as we are concerned – the question of the year. Now that the temperatures are dropping, we will really experience that we have lowered our thermostat by a few degrees. Heat in the house is therefore a precious commodity and we want to prevent it from escaping unnecessarily. So we close ventilation grilles, we hardly dare to open windows and we seal every crack and crevice.

Out of balance
Consequence? The humidity becomes unbalanced and condensation occurs. Because we now lower the thermostat, that moisture can settle, and where there is a lot of moisture … mold can occur. But how do you maintain your humidity level and prevent mould? With these tips we guide you through your day.

07:00 – Open the windows
Open your windows as soon as you get out of bed. By the way, it is better to open them wide open for fifteen minutes than on the tilt position for a longer period of time. This means less heat is lost. The Agency for Care and Health even advises to do this several times a day. “It sounds contradictory, but the windows also have to be opened several times a day this winter. Even if energy costs a lot. But otherwise you risk damp problems in the house and so do health problems,” says the Agency.

ventilation ventilation system bathroom picture Ventilair Group
ventilation ventilation system filter picture Ventilair Group

8 a.m. – Shower with the door closed
When you jump into the shower, keep the bathroom door closed. This prevents the moisture from spreading to other parts of the house. Do you take a shower and does condensation form on the mirrors? Then there is too much moisture production in the room at that moment. If you have an exhaust system in your bathroom, turn that on too. Do not shower for too long and dry your shower thoroughly after use with a subtractor or dry cloth. This is to prevent mold formation.

JOB: spotted mold after all? Read here how you can remove and prevent mold in the bathroom yourself.

9 a.m. – Vent, vent, vent
At home (at work)? Always ventilate when you are in the house. So open your ventilation grille or leave a window or door ajar. If you have a ventilation system, this will happen automatically. Fresh air enters the home through dry areas, such as the living room and bedroom. This air moves through flow openings to wet areas, such as the bathroom, kitchen and toilet, where it is discharged.

A well-adjusted mechanical ventilation system detects itself where, when and how much air must be supplied and extracted. Which system you choose depends on your own living situation. And your ventilation system also needs maintenance from time to time. Read all about it here: ‘How do you maintain your ventilation and how often?’
Do not switch off your ventilation system when it gets colder outside. The same applies to covering or closing ventilation grilles.

6 p.m. – Cook with the cooker hood on
During cooking, a lot of moisture (and odors) is released in a short period of time. A good cooker hood is therefore very important. Feel free to leave the hood on for a while after cooking for optimal removal of the cooking smell. Clean the filters of your range hood regularly or replace them if necessary.

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7 pm – Dry your laundry in a separate room
You probably prefer to let your dryer run less for once. Alternatively, you can dry your laundry indoors, but then place the drying rack next to a window, door or ventilation grille that you can open. Otherwise, the water that evaporates from your wet clothes settles in the walls. Preferably place your rack in a separate room, such as a laundry room or desk. You can quickly ventilate this space without losing too much heat. Or… just hang your laundry outside in time on a dry winter day!

11 p.m. – Don’t let the temperature drop too much
Continue to heat your home sufficiently at night. In any case, do not let the temperature drop below 15 degrees. Below that temperature you make your house very attractive to mold and other moisture problems. Cold walls can lead to moisture problems.


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