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DEEP CLEANING, your duty before you go back home

PROJECT OVERVIEW There comes a point in a home where every room needs more than a quick cleaning to remove visible dust, dirt, and clutter. You can call it deep cleaning, spring cleaning, or “company’s coming” cleaning—whatever the name, it should be done at least yearly. You can hire a cleaning service to tackle the tasks or follow our checklist of how to deep clean every …

Power Cuts?

Planned power cuts can be consulted here Unplanned power cuts outside the building may happen. How to know if the problem is located in- or outside the building After a general power cut, check all electronical devices that they are still operational, sometimes power peaks from outside may cause damage.

Cold temperatures as cause of humidity and condensation Turn off your heating to reduce your energy bill? Note: “Cold temperatures encourage moisture”BY EDITOR LIVIOS05-10-2022Due to the sky-high energy prices, you may be thinking about turning off the heating in certain rooms. But that’s not as innocent as it seems. Cold walls can lead to moisture problems. Els Staessens of ROBUST architecture & research provides more explanation. How can a lower indoor …

What about your TADO batteries

Following link will show you which batteries to use and how to replace them in your heating radiator nob or thermostat. Replacing and charging batteries is the responsibility of the tenant, same as a correct heating management. Watch instructions on Youtube:

Avoid Condensation problems during winter

More chance of mold and moisture problems in the house this winterBY EDITOR LIVIOS | Liesbeth Pairoux17-11-2022Experts fear a real fungal wave this winter. We explain why this is and what you can do about it. How to save on your energy bill? It is – as far as we are concerned – the question of the year. Now that the temperatures are dropping, …

High Energy prices

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Recycling Services

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FORBIDDEN to park signs?

A general overview to see where parking your car is temporarily forbidden can be found on this real-time map:

Looking for a glass container nearby?

Glass is NEVER allowed inside your trash bag. As it may explode in the press while the workmen are loading your bags, it may explode right into their face. We’re sure you wouldn’t want this and they’d be very unhappy noticing glass in your bags! This page contains a link to all glass containers in Antwerp! While being there, check the information as …

How to sort? An easy visual guide

Sorting your waste is mandatory! Check the visual in the link below, so it will guide you on how to correctly sort your waste!

Parkeren in Antwerpen

Er zijn heel wat mogelijkheden, bekijk op voorhand wat het beste bij jouw plannen en verwachtingen past. In het centrum van Antwerpen parkeren Maakt de prijs niet uit, dan kan je jouw wagen in het centrum zelf parkeren Straat parkeren:Betalend tussen 9 am en 22 pm, tarieven kan je hier raadplegen: Publieke parkings: Goedkoop parkeren in Antwerpen Vraag je verhuurder op hij je …

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