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Power Cuts?

Posted by admin on 10/01/2023

Planned power cuts can be consulted here

Unplanned power cuts outside the building may happen.

How to know if the problem is located in- or outside the building

  • check if the power cut concerns only your accommodation or if it affects also other accommodations and or shared parts in your building
  • If only your accommodation is affected, the problem is situated in your flat. You need toc heck your fuse box. BEFORE turning on a fuse ALWAYS make a picture so it can be passed on to the electrician in case we would need to plan an intervention. If you have a certain fuse switching off regularly, it means there is a recurring problem. Usually this means a broken electronical device causing shortcuts. ALWAYS inform and contact your landlord to figure out what is causing the problem.
  • If no fuses are turned off, you will need to check the main fuse, contact your landlord by phone to assist you.
  • If no main fuses are turned of, it means the power cut is outside the building and probably affects several buildings in the street. Contact your landlord who will inform the network provider

After a general power cut, check all electronical devices that they are still operational, sometimes power peaks from outside may cause damage.

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