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Rules for Garbage

Posted by admin on 05/10/2016


Please take note of these rules and follow them.  

The city Antwerp is quite severe on the rules of garbage collection, people breaking the rules will be fined.  In case of a fine for your address, everybody in this house will be held responsible and will be charged with part of the fine.

Segregation of garbage is obliged in Antwerp

– PMD:  You have to put it in the official blue bags, you can buy these bags in most supermarkets.
Bags with wrong garbage will NOT be taken by the collection service, if you do not remove it after and offer correctly, you will get fined.
PMD garbage usually wears a FOSTPLUS sign that will help you if you are not sure.  No sign = not recyclable so not PMD

– GLASS:  Does NOT go in any garbage container or bag.  It is dangerous for the people when it goes in the press of the collection truck. You keep it in your room until you will bring it to the glass container.  There is one at Frans Halsplein.

– PAPER: You keep it in your room until garbage collection day on Tuesday, there you offer it seperatly from the other garbage for collection.
– REST: We foresee a grey container in the ground floor, please use it as described below, all of the other garbage which does not belong to the above groups, goes in the grey container downstairs or in the official white bags. These bags can be bought in most supermarkets.   You do NOT need to use them to put the garbage in the container.  Also food rests go in the grey container.  Please put your garbage for the container in other bags so it keeps clean for smells and dirt.

ELECTRICAL DEVICE, BATTERIES, SPRAY BOTTLES, … : Do not go in the blue bag nor container.  They are to be kept aside in your room and brought to the container park.  Ask the owner to help you.
PLEASE follow the rules so you can all together to keep the place as neat and comfortable for everybody as possible.

There is plenty of information and a guide for selection of garbage from the city that can be found here:
Also a brochure with info on how to sort your garbage is attached to this email.

The collection calendar with dates, times and instructions for your street can be downloaded here:

NO GARBAGE is allowed in the hall or corridor, everything that does not go in the PMD or REST container stays in your room.  If all 5 accommodations use common places as storage for garbage, you will have to crawl over a trash belt.  Smelly stuff like food waist can be thrown in the container.

City garbage collection is on TUESDAY EVENING.
Put your garbage outside in time, before 22.00.  If not the container will be full for the next week and also it will start to smell if it is not emptied after one week.  Please ALSO, the first to leave in the morning takes the container inside if you see it is still outside, it got stolen 2 times and is very expensive.  In case it got stolen because nobody put it inside, this time it will not be replaced and you will have to keep also the smelly garbage in your house.


Every month someone else is responsible for taking the garbage container out AND in.
If you see other garbage in the hall, please put it outside even if it is not yours, sometimes the cleaning lady comes on other days and she cannot come back on Tuesday evening to put it outside.   If there is abuse, please inform me.

You find a calendar in this welcome pack, print it out and take note of the dates when it is your turn to put the garbage out.  Also downstairs next to the container is a calendar where it indicates which month is yours to put the container outside.

If you need help or there are problems, please advert the owner.  If you will be absent ask a neighbor to do it for you!


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