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TENANTS – Alarm Test Form

For your safety and the safety of your fellow tenants it is important to keep Smoke detectors in active and good state. Every 3 months you need to test if your alarm is operational.

A correct working Alarm may be life saving in  case that something goes wrong!

Please note that it is important to fill in CORRECT information. 
The safety of you and your co-residents may depend on this.

When an alarm goes off it is important to ALWAYS check whether there is a problem or not and in case so to take necessary actions or leave the building.  Find here the safety instructions.

For each alarm, ALWAYS inform your Landlord, even if you think it may be false alarm.   It may be that a device is malfucntionning and needs replacement.

If you hear an alarm goe off in  your neighbours accommodation, do not ignore this but check if everything is ok.

Alarms that start beeping on a regularly basis or have a blinking light, probably indicate the battery is low, in this case you need to replace the battery, test the alarm and fill in this form to confirm battery replacement.

It is forbidden to remove, cover or turn off the alarm or remove batteries without replacing them.

If you are not sure how to test the alarm or which information to fill in, contact your landlord.

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Send your ALARM TEST Confirmation
AddressSelect your street name
Is the alarm operationalSelect the correct status!
Did you change the battery?pick one!
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